Friday, May 29, 2009

Can College Students Choose Their Own Courses?

Argumentative Essay
Can College Students Choose Their Own Courses?

In Taiwan, most courses in universities are arranged by school except some general knowledge courses and some elective courses which can be chosen by students themselves. But can college students choose some courses that they really want to learn about their major subject? Or can they choose any courses that they are very interested in?

I am a college student now, so I know the requirement for choosing courses by ourselves. We want to have freedom to choose the courses by ourselves, so we will be more interested in these courses to learn the knowledge. I consider that college student should have the right to choose their own courses.

Some professors or even some college students don’t agree that college students can choose courses on their own. But I think it is beneficial for every student and course arrangers in universities. On the one hand, the courses arrangers don’t have to work hard and handle the complicated process of choosing the courses. And on the other hand, college students can also choose their own courses by themselves.

But some people will wonder if college students really have the ability to choose the right courses for themselves and to attend them. I consider that if college students can choose the courses they really want to attend, and they will attend these courses. They have to be responsible for their own education, so they won’t ignore them.

In short, I think college students should have the freedom to choose their own courses. I know some schools have started to think over this issue, and I think the issue will be solved in the best way.



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